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Yet another snowboarder turned away from ski only resort, Alta Mountain, in Utah. Alas, a tale as old as time.

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You can not help but have a little sympathy for this boarder. He or she or they look confused. I certainly hope that Alta would not sell him a lift ticket, but the thing is, it is a ski only mountain so I do not know what this boarder was expecting. Perhaps he got lost.

Alta Ski Area has been around for 86 years. Alta Ski Area was among the earliest ski resorts to open in the United States, ranking second in the Western Ski Region. While ski technique has evolved over time, the passion and joy of skiing have remained constant since its inception, and they make it apparent with their lack of snowboarder inclusivity. 

In my humble opinion, let 'em have it. Us snowboarders have enough to be proud of so if the skiers want Alta, whatever! Shred on!

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