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Earlier this year in January, the Suite Studios team visited athlete Torstein Horgmo at his home in Colorado to get the inside scoop on his creative process as a music producer and a full time professional snowboarder. They have just released a full video about it all, which you can watch here.

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Over the past 15 years, Horgmo's dedication to the flow state has shaped a lifestyle that serves as a continuous wellspring of inspiration. Whether he's filming, creating music, or snowboarding, his creativity feeds into a cycle of innovation. At 37, this Norwegian athlete stands out as a luminary in the snowboarding world. Sponsored by top brands like Rockstar Energy, GoPro, Oakley, Capita, and Norrona, he has triumphed in nearly every major snowboarding competition. Beyond competitions, his talent behind the camera has led him to establish ShredBots, a leading production company in the snowboarding realm, garnering him worldwide recognition.

Torstein. p: Celia Horgmo

photo by Celia Horgmo

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