Jamie Anderson Donates Prize Money to POW in Rebuttal to FIS’s Climate Denier appeared first on Snowboard Magazine.

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Jamie Anderson used her platform to standup for climate change, and publicly denounce FIS President, Gian-Franco Kasper, who has received backlash for his recent comments to a Swiss news station that there is no proof of climate change.

Following her bronze place finish in Slopestyle at the FIS Snowboard World Championships in Park City, Utah, Jamie took to her social accounts to voice her opinions.

@JamieAnderson from Instagram:

When people ask me why I care about nature, it honestly blows my mind… Every single one of our homes are made from precious natural resources and we are unable to live without clean water, trees and all of the natural elements were so blessed to have. If we don’t act on climate change we will not always have these things! To have the “leader” & President of FIS (@fissnowboard ), who represents skiing and snowboarding globally, not acknowledge something that affects our sport each and every day is very disheartening. Instead, he should practice being a leader for a positive future, not share his unconstitutional ignorant opinions. He has the opportunity to bring future generations together to enjoy these amazing snow sports. For him to be so reckless with his words, ignorant and such a negative influence breaks my heart. I thought of dropping out of The World Champs, but realized I’d rather share my thoughts with the media and fans and use my platform to share a more positive message and I’ve decided to donate my World Championship prize money to @protectourwinters and I challenge my fellow competitors to do the same. As a snowboarder, and a global citizen, I represent POW and our environment because it is all of our homes, no matter where you come from… Please help shine light on creating a more positive future and being more conscious and more caring of everything! There is a link in my profile to sign a petition to get this old negative energy out of power… And make positive choices in your everyday life! #recycle #reuse #reduce #giveback #givethanks #makeshifthappen #unconditional #jafreespirit


Jamie is one of the most decorated female snowboarders of all-time, and we commend her for using her influence for a good cause.

Here is the link to sign the petition for the resignation of the FIS Climate Denier.

“I feel really sad about all that drama coming out,” Jamie said after the event in an interview with the ParkRecord.com.

“It definitely made me consider dropping out of this event, but I decided to use my platform to speak up for our global community of snowboarders and shine a spotlight on how important our environment is, especially as snow athletes. It just breaks my heart that someone in leadership of such a big foundation is really being immature about a real scientific problem that has been affecting all of our lives all over the world.”

A longtime member of POW, Jamie continued by saying, “I think we should all take a step back and have a little appreciation because our natural resources are the most precious thing we have. Without it, none of us are going to be living a good life. And I think all of us have that choice with the brands we support, the groceries we buy. I believe there’s a bright future. Especially if we collectively come together and make positive choices everyday,” she continued.

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The post Jamie Anderson Donates Prize Money to POW in Rebuttal to FIS’s Climate Denier appeared first on Snowboard Magazine.