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On the first day of The 2024 Uninvited Invitational, Jess Perlmutter quickly made her presence known to everyone at Woodward Park City. 

The 14-year-old from Vermont may have arrived at the all-women's event relatively unknown to the greater snowboarding world, but after winning third place overall, as well as one of two Subaru Rookie awards, Jess is leaving as a rising rider of the next generation—and an absolute threat on rails.

Jess Permullter turned heads with authority at The Uninvited Invitational.

Mary T. Walsh

Jess has been on a tear of late; she won the rail jam at USASA Nationals two weeks ago, then went to Utah and won the park showdown at The Bomb Hole Cup, kicking off a proper introduction to the greater snowboard community.

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Next up was The Uninvited Invitational. Jess won an invite to the seminal women's event through The Uninvited online qualifiers and it was only up from there. She started throwing down in her first drop, displaying a rare tenacity and talent that is surely only a preview of what's to come from this East Coaster.

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Jess placed third overall, winning a giant check good for $7,000 (plus another $1,000 for the rookie award). With $8,000 in her pocket from the contest, she heads back to Vermont as spring arrives and it's time to get back on her skateboard. Because she also is really good at skating. She won second place in the Woodward Street Intermediate class at Exposure Skate last year!

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