Snowboard Iskola

“Parasitic music industry, as it destroys itself, we’ll show them just what it’s supposed to be. Music created from devotion, not ambition not for fame….” Is it cliché to start this intro to the Dinosaurs Will Die film crew with those iconic words from NOFX’s classic “Dinosaurs Will Die?” Maybe, but I’m doing it anyway, because if you substitute the word “music” for the word snowboarding, you get a pretty powerful message and one that DWD has been pushing pretty successfully over the last few years. Even though there were some technical difficulties with their entry into the Battle Of The Brands (their submission was too late for entry into BOTB), the video was one of the best received of the contest and if it’s any indicator of what we are to expect from the full-length movie then we are all in for a treat.

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