Snowboard Iskola

The Uninvited Invitational jumped in the booth at The Bomb Hole for the latest episode of Group Chat to discuss the contest, how they made it all happen, and the consequential aftermath of providing a platform to women and non-binary up-and-coming snowboarders.

Jess Kimura, Ylfa Runnarsdottír, Nirvana Ortanez, Abby Furrer, and Woodward Park City's Luke Giacopelli join Chris Grenier for the Group Chat, and Taylor Elliott calls in to talk about the handplant heard 'round the world.

Topics include diving into the logistics of making The Uninvited Invitational happen, the idea of rail jams in the Olympics, and the overarching theme of what happens when you invest resources into women in snowboarding. Watch or listen, this is a great one.