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There are few things that still uphold the magic of the "subculture" that snowboarding is, and one of those things are core snowboard shops. Milosport is a snowboard and skateboard shop that is located in the Millcreek area of Salt Lake City, Utah that is celebrating 40 years of business this year.

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Historically, local board shops were a place that fostered community, ignited a spark and passion in snowboarders, and created a connection to whoever wanted to participate. With the addition of DTC (direct to consumer) marketing, online sales, Instagram sales, Tik Tok shop, Amazon, and more, the role of the snowboard shop has been overshadowed.

While it is great and important to have options of where you can buy your products, I truly believe the one place that consumers should always support are the core, local shops. The people who work in the shops live and breathe snowboarding and they can give you answers that you cannot find online. Snowboarders supporting snowboarders.

Congratulations, Milo, we love you!

Go buy your stuff at Milosport, or if you do not live in Utah, go to

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