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just about to pop for my first longboard, got my eye on the new Sector9s that our local shop has, so nice, ive stood on em all, flexed em, they all seem pretty badass in different ways i’m 6′, 190, and thinking i will want to carve, slide, some kicking around town or to the skatepark (not for park though)…probably not the highspeed downhilling ( got my ration of roadrash when i was a kid, lol), but stable at med/high speed downhill the convex boards seem like they would carve great, but i wonder if i’ll blow the convex out of it too fast at 190lbs(?) what is the advantage of the pass-thru truck? seems to me it would just weaken the tab that holds the truck good wheel hardness for street sliding? and the other uses i mentioned anything at all longboard related is a go

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