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Louif Paradis, Canadian snowboarder born in Quebec City, has a new signature series outer wear line with Dakine and he spoke about his inspiration behind it, and we must say, it is a very heart warming inspiration behind this line. 

"I thought about how my son and I like to point up at the moon whenever we see it. Then I just started brainstorming about the moon and different ways to illustrate it. I looked up different things and found super cool topography maps that struck my attention."

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The bond between a father and his son is a tapestry woven with threads of guidance, understanding, and unconditional love. From the first tentative steps to significant life milestones, the father stands as a steadfast source of wisdom and support. Their relationship evolves, transcending the roles of protector and protegé, becoming a partnership of shared experiences and mutual respect. Through triumphs and challenges, the father imparts not just practical skills, but also values and life lessons. It's a dynamic connection, weathering the storms of adolescence and basking in the warmth of shared laughter. Ultimately, this paternal bond becomes an enduring legacy, passed from one generation to the next.

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