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Last year, Estelle Pensiero dreamed up Low Maintenance as an opportunity to connect the dots at Baldface Lodge, bringing together established pros with up-and-coming ams to learn and ride together in the backcountry.

"The goal of the event was to create a space for people at all different places in their snowboard career to experience the backcountry," explains Estelle in the below video. "And to come and have mentorship from people who have done it before."

12 pros received the call for Low Maintenance and each invited a rider to join them, emphasizing the mentorship and sharing of knowledge necessary to dive into the backcountry, where experience and a capacity for learning is imperative.

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The event was a huge success. Riders like Marie-France Roy, Erik Leon, Stefi Luxton, Rob Roethler, Isabella Gomez, Canon Cummins, Jamie Lynn, Iris Pham, Katie Kennedy, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek, and more came together at Baldface, taking cat laps, dropping in on Scary Cherry, sessioning the park features built in front of the lodge, and hanging out after it all in classic Baldface fashion.

Here's a look at the good times from the first Low Maintenance.

Today, the second iteration of Low Maintenance brings together a new group of snowboarders to ride together at Baldface. The North Face, Volcom, Skullcandy, Burton, and Backcountry Access are supporting the event. Says Baldface on their Instagram, "Their sponsorship goes directly towards subsidizing rider trip costs, making it affordable for young riders getting into the industry."

Baldface posted earlier this week about the start of the build for some features by the lodge again this year.

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Stay tuned to @baldfacelodge for updates. We can't wait to see what goes down.