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Dima Luchkin is a remarkable 13-year-old Ukrainian snowboarder with talents that far exceed his years. Dima and his family have embarked on an extraordinary journey, finding refuge in the city of Innsbruck, Austria, in the wake of war-torn Ukraine. But Dima is not your typical teenager; he's on a path that could potentially make him the first Ukrainian rider to bask in the international snowboarding spotlight.

In a heartwarming episode of Burton's web series, MY TURN, host Selema Masekela takes viewers on a journey to the majestic Alps, where he delves deep into the Luchkin family's story. The focus is not just on Dima's incredible snowboarding prowess, but on the profound sense of peace the sport has brought to their lives in the face of adversity.

The Luchkin family's odyssey began with their escape from Ukraine, a harrowing journey filled with uncertainty and fear. However, it was their snowboarding connections that ultimately guided them towards the tranquil haven of Innsbruck, Austria. Here, the Luchkin family found a welcoming community and a flat to call home, offering them the safety and stability they desperately sought.

Through heartfelt interviews with Dima's family, Selema Masekela uncovers the resilience and courage that has defined their journey. Their story serves as a testament to the power of sport, the bonds of family, and the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to be defined by the challenges life throws their way.

In a world often divided by borders and conflict, the Luchkin family's story reminds us that even in the most challenging circumstances, the pursuit of passion and the embrace of a loving community can lead to a brighter, more promising future. And in the case of Dima Luchkin, it might just take him to the pinnacle of snowboarding success, all while carrying the hopes and dreams of his war-torn homeland on his snow-covered shoulders.

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