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The official start of spring this year is March 19th, but in Oregon, spring came early on March 17th at Timberline Lodge with the opening of the Palmer chairlift. The chairlift is the highest on Mt. Hood, topping off at 8,540 feet, below the 11,239-foot summit of the mountain.

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The iconic chairlift services the Palmer Snowfield, a glacier that is a summer destination for pro boarders who frequent High Cascade and ride the slushy, warm weather parks built by Timberline Freestyle. Sitting above treeline, the Palmer chairlift is closed during winter due to its exposure; the mountain receives heavy snowfall and wind throughout winter. Its opening signifies the changing of the seasons.

With the opening of the high-speed lift, Timberline’s spring passes are in full effect. They’re a favorite for shoulder season because while the majority of North American mountains shut down in April, Tline operates year-round (separate passes go on sale for summertime).

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Spring passes to Timberline Lodge provide access seven days a week through May 27th and are only $199. Timberline has received 447 inches of snowfall this season so far, above the yearly average of 403 inches.

Timberline is located just over an hour driving distance outside of Portland, Oregon.

The summer camp season begins June 16th for High Cascade and MHSSC.

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