Snowboard Iskola

OK, so i need a pair of new snowboarding pants since the ones i have atm are getting a bit worn out. iv got three colours i might go with, but id like to hear some opinions 🙂 im throwing in some links for them: this ones limegreen ish. i kinda liked the colour, looks fresh aswell, or w/e to say:…lgrn_large.jpg this ones black, black goes to anything^^:…rsshrt_A-s.jpg and the last one is red: hope you have time checking these links, just the first ones i found 🙂 and i found this jacket really cheap and it would be nice with opinions on it and what pants you would wear to it 🙂…_1-540×405.jpg well thats about it, hope the links work and stuff, need to buy this soon so it would be nice with some views on it 🙂 thanks 🙂

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need help on snowboard pants