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I’m looking for some super light park bindings, with canted footbeds and good lateral flex for presses, jumps and grabs, soft to mid flex Considering Rome 390 Boss, K2 Formulas and K2 Hurrithane 390 boss look good but they seem to be a bit solid when it comes to lateral flex with the metal baseplate and all also seem to be on heavier side compared to the k2 bindings K2 Formulas and Hurrithanes look good just wondering how is the lateral flex on them and which would be better for hitting mid to big kickers I’m leaning towards the Formulas they are a bit stiffer might be better for landing the kickers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if there is any other bindings that I’m overlooking please let me known

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Need light park bindings, canted footbeds and good lateral flex