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This past weekend, Red Bull teamed up with Grace Warner to host a contest called "Jib Tac Tow" at Cannonsburg Parks Ski Area in Belmont, Michigan. While we have seen a resurgence in your regular old rail jam, this contest brought something different to the table.

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Rail jams used to be extremely popular but saw a falling off in the beginning of the 2010's, but now, they are back, baby. The past few years has definitely been a resurgence of rail jams all over from Bomb Hole Cup to Red Bull Heavy Metal to Grit to Dustbox and more. However, it is not as common to see such an original concept as what was displayed for Jib Tac Tow. 

Essentially, snowboarding became a team sport. There were 16 teams of 3-4 riders who went head to head in a double elimination bracket. The set up was epically cool. See the rendering versus reality of the set up below.

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Brett Kulas, one of the judges of the event, said "The event was actually so fun to watch and judge. Between having multiple people on a team and the strategies involved in tic tac toe it got really interesting to see how people played the game. In the semi finals and finals you could also use a “steal” and do a trick on an already captured square that made things really strategic. The park crew killed it with the setup and added some pretty challenging rails with a lot of variation to mix things up. Weather was perfect, 45 and sunny all weekend. It was awesome to see a bunch of the local community come together for a new event that I think was super successful."

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