Snowboard Iskola

Torment Magazine just posted a pretty significant announcement from a league of extraordinary gentleman aka a bunch of really good snowboarders.

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Coming this fall, a new video will be dropping from a group of guys who filmed for Brown Cinema's Knights of the Brown Table last year, which won video of the year from both Torment Magazine and Slush The Magazine. So needless to say, these guys are good. 

This new project includes Gabe Ferguson, Parker Szumowski, Curtis Ciszek, Mason Lemery, Sam Taxwood, Nik Baden, and probably many more.

Is it another Brown project? Is it a brand project?

We will have to see this fall during premiere season what these boys are up to. But given the nature of the talent that is laid upon us by these guys and their close friends and cohorts, we can probably guarantee this project is going to be epic. Hopefully Brown Cinema Knights of the Brown Table round two!