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Nitro's new double film premiered this weekend in Salt Lake City called LAYERS - “The Unintentional Culture of Snowboarding” and CAKE.

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Nitro Snowboards premiered two films - one called LAYERS - “The Unintentional Culture of Snowboarding” which was a more documentary style film, and the other movie is called CAKE, which is a more of a trick based, traditional snowboard flick. This premiere took place on Friday, October 20th at Brewvies Movie theater in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brewvies is a theater that allows alcohol - which is different and unique for Utah! The overall report from viewers is that the films were amazing, and seems like a lot of people could really relate to and feel inspired by the more documentary style film entitled LAYERS - “The Unintentional Culture of Snowboarding. Snowboarders like Sam Taxwood, Griffin Siebert, Hailey Langland, Bryan Fox, Jared Elston, and other personalities like Jeff Richards, Jeremy Jones, and Chris Grenier. Great times in SLC!

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