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Trying not to blame it on my board, because I honestly am not able to really tell the difference, I’ve only rode the rental burtons and my gnu b-street. Lilfoot said this board throw her around on choppy conditions, and it’s known for not really “dampening” (i don’t know what it means…) I honestly think that I’ve come quite a long way already, albeit slowly, I’m quite comfortable riding the blue runs in my mountain, and not falling on my ass like when I first learn! Don’t get me wrong, I still fall, just not every 10 meters, lol I notice that now I’m riding a bit faster, I’m not sure if it is the terrain, or mainly my technique, I’m getting alot of chattering especially on my heel side traverse. I know that I bent my knees more on when coming out of the turn and also during the traverse, maybe that made it go faster and chatter more?

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Newbie can finally cruise down blues but still have questions!