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NFL player Kenny Stills, known for his passion beyond the gridiron, embarked on a unique journey that took him from the fast-paced world of professional football to the serene mountains of Aspen. His winter sojourn was inspired by an event known as "Culture Shifters," a creation of Zeb Powell and Selema Masekela. This gathering aimed to unite BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) trailblazers, fostering a close-knit community of snowboarders that embodies the vision for the future of snowboarding – one that is diverse, inclusive, and empowering.

Kenny Stills, a wide receiver renowned for his activism and advocacy, found himself drawn to this transformative event. Intrigued by the prospect of being part of a movement committed to reshaping the snowboarding landscape, he ventured to Aspen, Colorado, where the Culture Shifters event was held.

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In the heart of the snow-covered Rockies, Zeb, Selema, the Culture Shifters crew, and members of the Burton Team convened to explore the notion of creating a more radically inclusive snowboarding community. Kenny Stills joined this spirited gathering, eager to lend his unique perspective and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.

During his stay in Aspen, Kenny Stills immersed himself in the discussions and activities, connecting with fellow attendees who shared his passion for diversifying and expanding the snowboarding community. Through their stories and insights, he gained a profound understanding of the importance of inclusivity and empowerment within the sport.

Kenny's winter in the mountains served as a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared vision of Culture Shifters. It was a chapter in his life where the NFL player, known for his dedication to social justice, took a moment to experience the profound impact that collective action and community-building can have on a sport he cherished. In the end, he left Aspen not only with a deeper connection to the snowboarding world but also as a vital part of the ongoing effort to make snowboarding more diverse, inclusive, and empowering for all.

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