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SAINT NICOLAS: CLAUS BUT NO CIGAR, NICO NABS #2 When the final votes were tallied, Nicolas narrowly missed another Rider of the Year title, but that’s not to say his season wasn’t ichiban . Burying himself deep in the woods of Japan while filming for Absinthe’s Neverland , Müller manhandled the waist-deep wonderland with pinpoint precision, threading the needle through thick forests and sniffing out natural features to launch himself off of. Nicolas has made a career out of progressing freestyle in an all-mountain environment, focusing more on reading the terrain rather than rotational completions, or, as counterpart Kevin Pearce puts it, “He may not be doing crazy doubles, but his innovation on a snowboard is far beyond anything else I’ve ever seen.” That’s precisely why Nicolas makes this list time and time again.

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Nicolas Müller: 2010 Rider Of The Year #02