Snowboard Iskola

While the majority of China’s population has been captivated by the recent Winter Olympics and introduced to a certain U-shaped type of snowboard competition, China’s core riders have instead been enjoying some good old-fashioned laid back shredding at the NIKE 6.0 Nightrail Session – held this past Saturday in Beijing, China. As riders sessioned the brightly lit three-feature jib setup throughout the night, spectators were spoon-fed a good time as free beer, hot drinks & numerous giveaways were thrown out to all! While some serious tricks were being thrown down, it was still pleasing to see that these guys were just having a blast ridding together, rather than taking the sport too seriously – defining what snowboarding is all about! After the one-hour jam session was over, a body-shaking live performance by MC Webber kept the crowd pumped as the prize giving ceremonies were completed

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NIKE 6.0 Nightrail Session Coverage