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Nikita Chickita USA 2010 went down on Saturday February 20th at Brighton, Utah. What lay ahead was a super fun day and everyone who made it had a great time. A total of 46 girls showed up to be part of this year’s event and some amazing riding led to the following shredsters making the finals: Top ten AMs: Jessica Jensen Midori Oatari Anouck Gran Lauren Weibert Ariel Freidman Renae Palma Halo Wilson Jessi Higgi Kirra Kotsenburg Oliyvia Weston Top ten PROs: Lynn Niell Colleen Quigley (Nikita) Steph Luxton Lajawn Allen Ashley Thornton (Nikita) Kaitlyn Farrington (Nikita) Gabby Maiden (Nikita) Kara Rennie (Nikita) Paige Rainear Sandra Hillen The surprise of the day was seeing winner of the AM division, 17 year old Jessica Jensen go on to win the PRO category as well!! This has never happened before and Jessica is definitely going to be a name to watch

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Nikita Chickita USA 2010 Is On!