Snowboard Iskola

Steven Cinnamon and Latch Perthinghouser (aka Todd Richards and Chris Cote) return to the Nixon News desk for a celebration of Earth Day.

While the subject matter coming from the desk is trivial, Nixon underlines in the caption of the video that, "there is one thing that is not debatable and that’s doing your part to take care of the planet."

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Steven and Latch aside, the work that Nixon is doing when it comes to sustainability is real, of course. Last week, the Southern California-based brand announced its new Time Teller OPP, a classic Nixon watch now made out of OPP, or Other People's Plastic. While the Time Teller OPP is a step toward more sustainable fashion, the watch further benefits the environment because a portion of each sale of the Time Teller OPP is donated directly to Sea Trees, a non-profit planting and enriching blue carbon coastal ecosystems (this is anything from coral reefs to kelp forests to mangroves).

SeaTrees was founded in 2019 and invests their time and effort in blue carbon because, as SeaTrees partnerships director Haley Jain Haggerstone explains in the below video, "It is 5-10 times more effective at carbon sequestering than terrestrial trees." Here's a bit more about the partnership:

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We appreciate the collection and partnership with SeaTrees because the ecosystem is all interconnected. The health of the ocean is obviously invaluable to the overall well-being of the Earth—and this means our winter snowfall, too.

For more on what SeaTrees is doing to sequester carbon and reforest the ocean, go to