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okay guys, gonna be honest here, im pretty new to the snowboard matket and scene, ive gotten out a couple times this season and am sad i never got the chance to do this earlier in my life, anyways i found a seriously amazing deal on a Nomis board on the interwebz, luckily its not some super insane technology of a snowboard, heres the link to the board on dogfunk easiest way for me to post the link Nomis Connected Rocker Snowboard from Now i just want to know what you guys think of this thang as far as a starter board goes. sorry if im long winded or am missing info, if somethings not there thats necesary, let me know and i will let you know asap, i already ordered the board and from what ive gathered here and in the specs, im not worried, i just want to know more about the quality of the stick, since i have yet to read anything about nomis? boards on the forum thanks in advance 🙂

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Objective Opinion on a nomis Board