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Earlier this week, Jamie Anderson, age 33, shared a video of her snowboarding with her little one year old daughter on her back with the caption "Sharing what I love with my little love"... is that not the most precious thing you have ever seen?

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Jamie Anderson welcomed her daughter Misty Rose into the world in March 2023 with her fiancé Tyler Nicholson.

In an additional video Jamie posted to her Story, she noted Misty's "little kicks of joy" as she sat on her mom's back going down the mountain while Jamie snowboarded.

Viewers of this post were equally supportive and critical. The little girl is not wearing a helmet in any of the footage from that day, and that sparked controversy in this post's comment section, as well as people worrying if the baby was cold. Some of the comments include:

"What about baby - some gloves and a hat maybe ?"

"why is everyone acting like she is doing tricks or on anything besides a green? the baby is 100% fine and if you’ve never snowboarded i have no idea why you think you should comment. this isn’t difficult in the slightest 😭 baby seems to be doing great too"

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