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Hey, looking at picking this board up in a 163.Currently I am riding an 05/06 Capita BSOD 162.How would the rides between the two compare?I am aware the tech has changed quite a bit as the BSOD is a straight normal camber board and I have never ridden anything but.Also, as far as flex goes are they comparable?As for my info, I am 6’1 about 225ish, 9.5 boot.Riding for 22/23 years, mainly your typical east coast groomers, steep short & icy.Some park, mainly kickers possibly some rails.Not much powder or trees unless we really get dumped on or I take it on vacation.Also possibly looking to enter some boardercross races as well.Basically looking for a one board quiver out of this.So, anyone ridden it or links to reviews etc?Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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