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It has been a spotty winter to say the least. With Tahoe and Utah being probably the best recipients of snow in the US, Oregon may not be far behind. Mount Hood Meadows got 23" yesterday with more on the way, and the Meadows locals are not holding back.

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There is nothing really like new snow. We get to experience it as children (depending on where you live) and usually get so excited when there is new snow because it means sledding, hot chocolate, snow men, and warm fires inside. As adults, we get to experience this joy as those who love to ski and snowboard, and for us, the joys of new snowfall are unparalleled. The anticipation builds as the storm approaches and gets everyone talking, making plans with friends for the big storm. The first tracks on fresh powder are like painting on a blank canvas, each turn leaving a mark of exhilaration and freedom. The silence of the snow-covered landscape is calming, yet the thrill of speed and skill keeps the adrenaline pumping. Every run becomes a new adventure, with the soft snow cushioning falls and enhancing the feeling of flying down the slopes. New snowfall is not just weather; it's a gift that brings the mountains to life for winter sports enthusiasts.

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