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Come the end of January, one of the events we look forward to is the yearly outdoor winter trade show, in which thousands descend on the Denver Convention Center for the look at next season’s gear. Naturally, viewing next season’s offerings from the hundreds of brands present, meeting with the people that support those brands, and hearing the stories of the new (and old) products gets us excited and praying for more snow so we can put all the new gear to the test.

Each year’s annual event is exciting as there are always beers floating around, a maze of booths to get lost inside of, plenty of high fives, bright lights and high ceilings, and so many new snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear, goggles, helmets, gloves, accessories, and random products you never knew existed to feast your eyes all over.

However, this year was a little different. Outdoor Retailer purchased the trade show from SIA. As such, there were many more outdoor brands, and the show wasn’t entirely limited to snowsports. Think: more granola bar companies, footwear, and outdoor apparel.

Denver’s iconic Blue Bear looking in on the Convention Center. Photo courtesy of Visit Denver.

This change not only brought in more people and energy, but more brands, and with them, really expanded the size of the show with booths taking over all levels of the venue. In fact, all of the spaces were sold out and there were so many purchased booths, they didn’t even all fit into the main showing room at the Denver Convention Center, and instead, were spilling into the lobby areas. Needless to say, there was way more hustle and bustle than we’ve seen in recent years.

While shop owners bought and companies sold, we were there to get a peak of the new products, hear about all of next season’s technology, and catch up with the brands that together make up the snowboarding industry. There were so many cool product offerings for the 2018-2019, you might want to start saving up now for when they hit stores this fall.

Among the emerging trends for next season’s best gear offerings, we witnessed both an increased push into the realm of Quiver designs, while also the triumphant return of the classic Popsicle – make sure to check out some of the new shapes from Nitro and Salomon, below. In the optics department, we were treated to the introduction of the new PVX frame from Dragon, which seamlessly blends the functionality of a spherical lens with the style of a cylindrical. We also checked out the new Prizm React goggles from Oakley – you can say goodbye to swapping out your lenses, one push of a button and a charge runs through the lens changing its tint.

Possibly the most apparent design trends we witnessed were found in next season’s outerwear, in which technology and forward-thinking designs are seamlessly blending with style and performance. These trends included 686’s new “HydraStash Jacket” – which comes with a built-in water reservoir, as well as, The North Face’s new Fuse Brigandine and Steep Series outerwear kits, which feature not only industry leading fabrics and design, but unmatched integration between layers, allowing wearers the ultimate functionality.

However, while we could list new products and exciting changes coming to the industry, there is no better way to learn about them than by seeing them for yourself. Make sure to continue below to check out our photos gallery and catch a quick glimpse of just a portion of the new gear hitting the shelves next season.

A sneak peek at some of next year’s Vans line.
Snowboard-Mag-SIA-OR-2018-1297 Vans is excited to announce the next generation of the Pat Moore MTE Shoe, Remedy Boot, and Infuse Boot
Vans is also excited to announce the 2018/19 Ferra in Mary Rand’s signature colorway.
As well as a new artist collaboration with Schoph.
2018/19 Vans Verse in the Blake Paul signature colorway collaboration with The North Face.
The Jamie Lynn and Schoph collaboration mural at the Vans booth was a big hit.
686’s Brent Sandor shows off next year’s GLCR Hydra Stash Jacket with a built-in 25oz water reservoir.
Metalheads start saving your pocket change now, the new 686 x Motorhead collaboration is an instant classic.
Grab yourself a sixer and take to the slopes. This season 686 has partnered with Coors Light for The Sixer Jacket.
There are some exciting things coming down the line from 686 on the women’s side.
RIDE Snowboard’s Tanner McCarty with the all-new Kink.
Hot new graphics from RIDE Snowboards and the designers who created them. Dave Banks with the all-new Wild Life and Machete, and Alana Rung and Lauren Oka with the Saturday and OMG respectively.
All-mountain rippers beware, the RIDE Mountain Pig will be your new favorite ride of choice.
Rome is continuing to make a name for themselves in the backcountry in 2018/19 with the Tram Line series, Rome’s Matt Stillman seen here with the Powder Division MT Split.
The Rome Tram Line series in all of its glory.
The 2018/19 Katana Binding.
Rome is excited to announce the 2018/19 RK1 pro line.
2018/19 Rome Crux Binding and women’s Flare.
The Rome Guide and Inferno Boots are both new additions to the line for the 2018/19 season.
New colorways for the Airblaster Trenchover Jacket in 2018/19.
The Airblaster Beast 3L Jacket will keep you warm, dry, and stylish no matter the conditions.
A sneak peek at three new colorway collaborations for Airblaster’s Ninja Suit.
Ladies, keep an eye out for Airblaster’s Lady Storm Cloak hitting stores near you next season.
Airblaster’s 2018/19 women’s line melds style and performance with ease.
Use DPS’ Phantom Base Glide Treatment once and you never need to wax your board again.
Hot Vodka took to the floor at the Volcom booth to provide entertainment for tradeshow goers on Friday afternoon.
Say goodbye to cold feet with the addition of the new heated Maysis boot to K2’s 2018/19 line.
K2’s women’s Sapera Boot also comes with a built-in heating system.
The new K2 Manifest is every all-mountain freestyle riders dream board, and the new Lime Lite is setting up to change the game for women’s freestyle progression.
The new K2 Lineup Binding.
The new women’s K2 Meridian binding blends style, comfort, and performance.
Introducing the all-new Strata binding from Union Binding Company.
Scott Stevens’ 2018/19 pro model binding with Union.
New colorways for Travis Rice’s Falcor Binding from Union.
New to the women’s line in 2018/19 is the Legacy binding from Union.
New colorways for Union’s STR Binding.
Next year’s CAPiTA graphics are looking extra sharp.
Next season’s CAPiTA Neo Slasher, Black Snowboard of Death and Warpspeed.
The Springbreak collection is surfy as ever for 2018/19.
Scott Stevens’ signature hat from Coal.
Desiree Melancon’s signature hat/facemask combo from Coal.
Never change your lenses again with Oakley’s all-new Prizm React lens on the Fall Line frame. These goggles have a button that allows them to send a charge across the lens and changes the lens tint for varying light conditions.
The Oakley Line Miner, seen here in the Harmony Fade Olympic athlete limited colorway.
Smith is proud to introduce the all-new I/O Mag, featuring a magnetic lens swapping system. Seen here in Austin Smith’s pro-colorway collaboration with The North Face.
A few of next season’s athlete series goggles from Smith. Seen here are the I/O Mag and Squad goggles.
New colorways are hitting the shelves in 2018 from Smith.
Giro teamed up with Lucas Beaufort for this special edition Axis Goggle.
Introducing the all-new Zeal Hatchet. The Hatchet is Zeal’s first-ever cylindrical lens and features their Rail Lock quick-change lens system.
New colorway options for Zeal’s Portal.
Dragon is proud to announce the addition of the PVX Goggle (which features their new Panotech lens) to next year’s line.
Next season’s Dragon NFX2 Goggle in the Blake Paul, Forest Bailey, and Danny Davis colorways.
Just a taste of what’s to come from The North Face next season. These offerings blend performance and style with industry leading advances in technology.
Every single detail has been labored over on next season’s outerwear line from The North Face. Snag a full kit and prepare to have your mind blown.
Bonfire’s Aspect 3L Jacket comes with a removable shoulder strap system for hiking and touring in the backcountry.
The Spruce and Sycamore Jackets from Nikita’s 2018/19 line.
Bent Metal’s Dave Marx with next season’s Joint Binding. The Joint is the first binding from Bent Metal offered with a plastic heel cup.
The UpShot is Bent Metal’s first-ever women’s specific binding – coming to a store near you Fall 2018.
Bent Metal’s Solution binding is seeing big updates in the heel strap for the 2018/19 season.
Sneak peek of the 2018/19 Lib Tech all-mountain offering.
More from Lib Tech in 2018/19.
A taste of what is to come from GNU Snowboards.
Dakine will keep your hands warm and toasty with their 2018/19 offerings.
Dakine’s luggage continues to impress.
Louif Paradis, Leanne Pelosi, and Elias Eldhart’s signature series bag and mitten.
Snowboard-Mag-SIA-OR-2018-1520 Dakine has made some major upgrades to the women’s line this coming season.
The 2018/19 Nitro Quiver collection features all-new shapes and illustrations by none other than Bryan Fox.
Nitro Snowboards’ Knut Elliasen with the new Beast Snowboard Volcom collaboration.
A quick look at next year’s boot offerings on the men’s side from Nitro.
The 2018/19 Nitro Team Binding seen here in the Drink Water colorway.
The Nitro Phantom Carver is new to the line for 2018/19.
Chad Otterstrom with Academy’s flat camber Propaganda, and his own signature series board.
The Propacamba and Team Series round out the 2018/19 offerings from Academy Snowboards.
Joe Sexton with Public Snowboards’ 2018/19 offerings.
The Libre, Basic, Typo, Emo Tycoon, and HEL from Yes Snowboards.
The PYL, 20/20, Powder hull 420, and 420 from Yes Snowboards.
Spark R&D’s Surge binding colorway options are being expanded for the 2018/19 season.
Spark R&D is also introducing a Pro Series edition in both the Surge and Arc models.
A close look at the new Crossbar Clips locking system from Spark R&D.
Quick peek at Now’s 2018/19 bindings.
Arbor Snowboards is looking strong for the 2018/19 season.
The Arbor Cask, (Second from the left) is a new addition to the 2018/19 line and bridges the gap between the reverse cambered Terrapin and the rest of the big mountain line.
CandyGrind gloves continue to up the ante with new printing techniques and glove designs.
Ben Bilocq is certainly making a statement with his 2018/19 pro model from Dinosaurs Will Die.
The backcountry is beckoning and Jones has the quiver you want for the 2018/19 season.
And lastly, but certainly not least, Salomon Snowboards’ Greg Covello with Chris Grenier’s new pro-model. Note the shape and rejoice with the introduction of the classic popsicle, designed to jib and bonk like only Grendy’s knows how.
However, it woudn’t be complete without a glimpse of Salomon’s all-mountain and powder specific boards. Next year’s collection will have you swooning at first sight,
and feature both new shapes, and revamped designs.

Make sure to remember, that while all of these new products are exciting and a sign of great things to come, there are many shops across the country still outfitted with some of the best snowboarding products money can buy from this current season. Stop by your local boardshop, talk to its staff, and they will get you set up with the exciting new start of the snowboarding experience. Seasonal sales are just around the corner.

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