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While on a recent film shoot in British Columbia, Leanne Pelosi had a close call with an avalanche. While riding a spine feature, everything cracked below her, and through quick decision-making, she rode it out.  Leanne said she felt in the flow state to be able to maneuver as she did. She also took to her personal Instagram to talk about what happened, the lessons learned, and how she was able to ride it out.

The images from the event are striking. We’re thankful everything turned out as it did. Read on for Leanne’s full take on what happened.

From Leanne Pelosi on Instagram:

A few perspectives in here, but want to give a shout out to my crew for being on it. This avalanche happened this week in the Pemberton Coast Range area. I wanted to be open about what happened and I take full responsibility of knowing the conditions (the AVY was rated as moderate) and we were diligent with safety precautions with our crew.  I was riding this spine feature and as I hit the lowest feature on the slope, it eggshell cracked in front of me.  I was pretty committed at this point as I was in the middle of a sudden planar release of the slope which left me successfully able to straight-line with a 45 degree angle to my safe zone out. It was a size 2 avalanche on a NE slope with a 20-40cm crown. The biggest takeaway from this incident was that even at moderate avalanche ratings, big avalanches can still happen. Humbled to say the least.

Thank you for the 💗 all 🙏🏼💗🙏🏼 // Photos to the right 👉🏻@blakejorgenson .

First image. Leanne’s helmet cam.
Second shot. Photo: Blake Jorgenson
Third shot. Photo: Blake Jorgenson

We’re sure the footage of this avalanche is just as insane as the photos. We’re so glad Leanne and crew are safe and sound. And still filming!

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The post Perspectives: Leanne Pelosi on Riding it Out appeared first on Snowboard Magazine.