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Torgeir Bergrem just posted a photo from "Pillow Heaven for Temple of the Dawg". It is truly a pillow field from paradise, and it looks cozy but it is most definitely harder than it looks.

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Snowboarding in deep snow is a thrilling and exhilarating experience that entices both seasoned riders and beginners seeking an adrenaline rush. As riders carve their way through untouched powder, there's a sense of weightlessness and freedom, like gliding on clouds. The soft, fluffy snow provides a forgiving surface, allowing for more aggressive turns and jumps without the fear of hard landings. The pristine white landscape, often surrounded by towering trees or breathtaking mountain vistas, adds to the magical ambiance.

The deep snow amplifies the sensation of speed and the whooshing sound as the board slices through the powdery terrain. Riders need to use their body weight and balance skillfully, employing wider stances and subtle movements to navigate the snow's depth and maintain control. Every run feels like a unique journey, leaving behind a trail of curves and tracks that showcase the rider's prowess and creativity. It's a dance with nature, where the snowboarder becomes one with the mountain, reveling in the serenity and joy that only deep snow can offer.

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