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French Slopestyle athlete Lucile Lefevre discovered her life's passion at six years old. Despite finding snowboarding at this young age, Lucile had already been confronted with health challenges that threatened the future of her snowboarding career. At just three years old Lucile was diagnosed with a hip illness that doctors said would limit her athletic capability. At 15 years old with a couple of French Championships and Europa Cups, Lucile had more than proved them wrong. 

Lucile Lefevre

Lucile's wins garnered her a spot at the Innsbruck Young Olympic Games, where she continued to shine and took home 3rd. Her dream of riding for France in the Olympics stopped feeling like a dream and more like a goal. In 2018 Lucile achieved her goal and became the first French female snowboard athlete to compete in Slopestyle and Big Air events.

Lucile Lefevre
Congrats Lucile!


Lucile uses Snowboard Addiction Training equipment to help with her continued successes. She uses the Jib board to dial in balance on the impressive array of jib tricks she throws down in the park. She also is a fan of the tramp board for improving her air awareness and making grabs second nature.

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