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Photos: Rachael Zimmerman

The snow tradeshow is officially here. Outdoor Retailer 2019 has descended on the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. The once barren, sprawling space has been transformed into a bustling city that’s filled to the brim with all the latest and greatest from the snowboard, snow and outdoor marketplaces.

Brands, retailers, designers, artists, athletes and industry elites, have joined together to talk trends, unveil new innovations, and get the low-down on everything that’s going on in the snow industry. (Yep, we’re back, baby.)

As the second iteration of the combined Snow Sports Industries America (SIA) tradeshow and Outdoor Retailer, the momentum of the event is palpable, and there’s surely no signs of it slowing down. Brands are hyped, and their new gear is looking really good.

To get a feel for all on offer next season, we cruised the isles, and got a gluttonous eyeful of all that new/new.

Appearing no particular order, here’s a few selects we’re hyped on from Day 1 of OR 2019.


Ride’s Warpig line is expanding and the newest to debut is the PsychoCandy. It’s on the far right and is geared towards more feminine frames and ladies that ride hard and fast.

Ride: #Warboss.

#Warboss. If you don’t know, you will. 


Dakine Signature Series Pro Models: Jamie Anderson, Louif Paradis and Kazu Kokubo — Jamie’s mitts are low-profile, sleek and true to her style. Louif Paradis’ selects are an ode to his urban prowess, while Kazu Kokobo’s mitts are suited to his backcountry badassery.

Dakine Signature Series Backpacks

Pro Model Packs, tooled specifically to Dakine’s Pro Riders. Which colorways and style are you most drawn to?


Mag 4D– The all new goggle from Smith. These puppies boast an increased field of view, ChromoPop lenses, and two locking mechanisms that are built into their outriggers. Secured magnet lenses? Yes, please. 

Smith Skyline XL

We’re digging the retro-vibe and solid price point of the all new Smith Skyline XL. They also come in a like a million different styles. 


Perhaps one of the best brands to integrate collabs in a organic way, is Salomon. This LoFi boot is Victor Daviet’s pro model and features the same colorway as his outwear kit from 686. Loaded with extra tech, we’ll get you all the specifics soon. You can look right now, but you cannot touch.

Salomon’s Bellevue and Pillowtalk Split

The women’s all new Bellevue is set to be a hard-charging board for ripping ladies. A new go-to for Annie Boulanger, this board looks beefy and ready for all-mountain pillaging. On the right is the Women’s Pillowtalk Split. One of our favorite women’s shred sticks, now available in a split. (Pardon us while we drool…)

Salomon Super 8 x North Drinkware Collab

Dirksen’s well-loved Super 8 board is collabed with North Drinkware, and features a topo topsheet of one the PNW’s most beloved mountains, Mt. Bachelor.


We could go on and on about the tech in these Dragon Pro Model goggles (there’s a lot of it), but the art is directly linked to each rider and their individual vibes. Gigi’s strap was made with the help of his kids. Iguchi’s is his own ethereal mountain view painting. Danny’s is playful, yet poignant. Blake’s got his backcountry vibes, and Kimmy’s showcases her class. And yes, Ms. Fasani just joined their team.


They did it. Hestra put in the time and work and officially came out with snowboard-specific mitts. The OG Fall Line Mitt is everything you want with ultra supple leather, minimal stitching, and shorter cuffs. They are so sick, and yes, they are here to stay. More to come on these bad boys soon.

This product preview is just a taste, so stay tuned for much more coming to you from Outdoor Retailer, and from the On-Snow demo that’s set to pop off in Copper next week. 

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