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Originally hailing from the icy slopes of New England, Mike now lives a life on the road when he’s not at home in Salt Lake City. Between traveling the world over the winter and frequenting the glacier in the summer, travel time adds up quick. We caught up with Mike between trips to squeeze a few travel tips out of him and see what products he stands behind for staying dialed on the road. With everything from his trusty fanny pack to his prized notebook and guitar, Mike truly has traveling figured out. Dive in below and make sure to step up your travel game before embarking on your next trip.

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Volcom Duffel Bag


The truth is, not all duffel bags were created equal. And when it comes to a life on the road, it is super important to keep your gear organized so you can stay focused on the adventure ahead. Not to mention that at just under a cool $50, this bag is an absolute steal. “This bag traveled with me everywhere this season. It’s the perfect duffel because it has plenty of organized compartments and always still fits under the seat on an airplane. I live out of this bag.”

But now: $48.71



Take a tip from Rav and improve your travel experience with your own trusty notebook. Doodles, games, and notes– the possibilities are endless. “I’ve just been operating out of my notebooks lately. I enjoy writing things down rather than typing them into my phone. Sometimes I’ll recap my days, capture thoughts, write a to-do list, draw or just scribble. There aren’t any rules, and they are great to have on trips.”

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CAPiTA Board Bag


We can’t say it enough, if you are spending a lot of time traveling, good luggage is the key to happiness. Keep your gear safe, organized, and easily distinguishable from the rest for a pain free travel experience. “The color says it all. I’m realizing how amazing it is for a snowboard bag to show up on the other end of a long leg of flights, and I’d like to think the bright red is helping it make that journey successful. Stand out or be forgotten and lost. It also has a bit more room in it than previous board bags I’ve used.”

BUY NOW: $189.95

Skullcany Air Raid Speaker


It can be tough to pick out new technology from a lineup of similar products, luckily for you, Mike has already done the heavy lifting. Heed his advice and check out the Skullcandy Air Raid so you can bring the tunes with you on your next adventure. “I’ve tried a few portable speakers recently and this one stands out because it’s by far the loudest and maintains a charge for the longest. It’s always good to be able to listen to the music.”

Buy now: $99.95

Tite Belt

mike-rav-tite-belt-provisionsPhotography by Darrell Mathes

A good belt is all about the crossroads of style and function. Tite Belts will keep you looking and feeling fresh, all without sacrificing mobility or function. “I snowboarded with this belt every day this season. It’s got an elastic band built into it, so even when it’s perfectly tight it doesn’t become constricting. I like the color and style too.”

Buy now: $27.95

Vantage Fanny Pack


It’s easy to become disorganized and misplace various things while traveling. Keep your essentials in one place and rock out with one of the best fashion accessories to come out of the 80’s. Mike got his classic from Vantage, Andrew Aldridge’s shop in Salt Lake City– if you act fast there are still a few left. “For when I need to get my shit together quick and get out the door, it’s the perfect thing to throw a snack, rolling papers, sunglasses and a skate tool into before skating.”

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Travel Size Guitar


A seasoned traveler will tell you that it can be tough to fill intermittent periods of down time while traveling. Mike’s found that music will often do the trick, and we’d have to agree with him. Hone in on your finger picking skills with a travel guitar and never be bored on the road again. “Great way to start the day, a great way to end the day, and maybe you even come across someone with a guitar and you can play music together.”

Buy now: $299.99

Crab Grab Binding Bag

mike-rav-crabgrab-binding-bag-provisionsPhotography by Aaron Blatt

It is tough to beat a backpack when it comes to travel convenience. Mike Rav and Crab Grab know this full well and recommend you get one for your bindings too. “Sometimes while I’m boarding, I don’t like to have anything in my pockets. So, this a great place for a snack, rub on wax or a snowboard tool, depending on the day.”

Buy now: $30

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The post Provisions 038: How to improve your travel experience with Mike Rav appeared first on Snowboard Magazine.