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Last March, Matt Belzile and the rest of the 686 Team traveled to the mountains of Washington to film the new movie from 686, “Rabbit Hole”. From Mt. Baker to Eastern Washington, they experienced typical Northwest unpredictable conditions as they took their sleds to hit their man-made jumps and famous Baker gaps. So, when it comes to Matt Belzile’s snowboard gear, it needs to hold up.

Most days there are overcast, the snow is heavy and wet, and there is an abundance of moisture in the air. But it sure does make for some amazing snowboarding. See for yourself in the official “Rabbit Hole” trailer. To help Matt Belzile conquer the unruly conditions that come with the territory, here’s the gear he relies on.

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Featured image by: Colton Jacobs.

K2 Joy Driver

Matt-Matt-Belzile-Snowboard-gear-k2-joydriver-provisions-Snowboard-gear-686-SMARTY-JACKET-PANT-provisions Photo: Colton Jacobs

For Matt Belzile’s snowboard of choice, he opts for the directional K2 Joy Driver. As a traditional camber board, the Joy Driver has a super strong New Bambooyah Core, a sintered base for cutting through ice, and setback stance for deep mountain riding. Says Matt, “It’s a high-performance board and can handle the big stuff while still, somehow, remaining playful. I literally ride this board on everything, in the park, on a resort pow day, and in the backcountry. I like that I get to ride it on anything, so I ride the one board from mid-November ’till May.”

Buy now: $649.95

K2 Lien At Bindings

Matt-Belzile-Snowboard-gear-k2-lien-at-provisions Photo: Colton Jacobs

When it comes to binders, Matt needs a pair that has superior power transfer and support. For that, he relies on the K2 Lien At Bindings. When asked about his favorite feature of the bindings, Matt replies, “The Lien has three pods under the base that coincide with the three main points of your foot. This binding moves and flexes with you and gives your snowboard a bit of a surf feel. Especially in the deep stuff.”

Buy Now: $289.95

K2 Maysis Snowboarding Boots

Matt-Belzile-Snowboard-gear-k2-maysis-provisions Photo: Colton Jacobs

The K2 Maysis Snowboarding Boot is the world’s number one selling double BOA® boot because of its comfort and performance. It features new Endo™ 2.0 construction for smooth and consistent flex and a BOA® Conda™ liner for the ultimate in heel hold and zonal tightness. “The dual boa is so nice. I love popping them loose for the chair ride up for maximum comfort and then cranking them tight for the next run,” conveys Matt.

Buy now: $329.95

Smith I/O Snow Goggles

Matt-Belzile-Snowboard-gear-smith-IO-provisions Photo: Colton Jacobs

The spherical Smith I/O’s advance vision on the mountain with their wide shape, Smith’s highest anti-fog capability, and ChromaPop — which allows viewers the capability to view more clarity, natural color, and detail. But Matt’s favorite feature is the lens-swap technology. “The lenses are really easy to change out so when you’re having a bad day rag dolling in powder, it’s nice to be able to change your lenses in a jiffy.”

Buy now: $250

686 Men’s GLCR GORE-TEX® SMARTY® 3-In-1 Weapon Jacket and Pant


686’s GLCR line is the real deal when it comes to outerwear that specializes in the backcountry. Matt Belzile opts for the 686 Men’s GLCR GORE-TEX® SMARTY® 3-In-1 Weapon Jacket and Pant to keep him warm and dry. They both feature a removable SMARTY® Primaloft® added layer and 2 Layer GORE-TEX® Nylon Fabric + DWR to keep moisture and precipitation out. But don’t take it from us. Says Matt, “I ride the GLCR SMARTY Weapon Jacket and Pant, which are both GORE-TEX®. Being at Mt. Baker especially, it can be so wet, and the weather can change so quickly. The jacket will keep you warm, and dry, in any elements … Not just warm, but also cool when the weather does get hot, and you need a breathable jacket. I feel like having that GORE-TEX® really does it all…[And] because you can layer it accordingly…I wear the removable Primaloft jacket all the time around town. I just love it.”

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The post Provisions 048: Matt Belzile Fills Us In On His Snowboard Gear & Why It Works appeared first on Snowboard Magazine.