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It’s prep time. If you’ve already been out on the mountain and noticed your board is moving super slow, stop procrastinating. It’s time to wax and tune-up. Don’t be lazy now so you can cruise at high speeds later. Here are some different snowboard wax options to keep you going fast plus other tuning accessories that are necessary to get your board in shape for the season ahead. Go ahead, and give your board the love it deserves.

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Oneball Biodegradeable Citrus Base Cleaner


Before you get going with your wax, iron, and edges, you’re going to want to give your board a good wipe down. Made out of Oneball’s own blend of citrus oils, this Biodegradable Citrus Base Cleaner won’t fill up your lungs with harsh chemicals and will safely remove old wax and dirt quickly.

Buy now: $7.50

Purl Snowboard Wax


Prefer applying non-toxic, biodegradable materials to your snowboard? Then Purl Snowboard Wax is your go to. It doesn’t have any fluoros (a.k.a. perfluorochemicals) or other toxic chemicals, so it’s Mother Nature approved. Purl offers a wax fit for all temperatures and one specifically for cold weather so you can find one that’s best for you, no matter your location or time in the season. Based out of Avon, Colorado, with a “Faster than you” brand motto, it’s clear that Purl Wax won’t just make you glide, but is also a product you can feel good about purchasing.

Buy now: $21.95

Bluebird All-Temp Coconut Oil Wax


Made of real coconut oil, this Bluebird snowboard wax will make you pass your friends on the catwalk, speed into that slower approach, and zoom through trees with ease. If you don’t have time to do an entire tune, rub it on your board by itself for a quick fix or take a weeknight before your weekend trip and commit to a full hot wax. Note: For really cold weather, use Bluebird’s yellow wax.

Buy now: $20

Oneball Tuning Bench Clamps

Be done with the days where you jimmy rig something to hold onto your snowboard while you clean, hot wax it, and tune your edges. The Oneball Bench Clamps are just the trick. It’ll hold your board solid in place while you prepare it for greatness. You no longer have to worry about your dog accidentally knocking over your snowboard while the wax cools. The Oneball Tuning Bench Clamps allow you to tune your board the right way every time.

Buy now: $70

Dakine High Octane Rub On Wax


Sometimes you just don’t have time to fit in a full snowboard tune before the morning of a snowboard session. The Dakine High Octane Rub On Wax is your secret weapon in these situations. Its two-step application is simple. You push it up through the container (kind of like deodorant), then rub it into your snowboard’s base with the attached cork. Although nothing treats your board better than a good hot wax, the result of using the Dakine High Octane Rub On Wax for a day or two is pretty close.

Buy now: $18

Burton Hotstick Iron


You know what’s more important than buying snowboard wax? Applying it. And for that, you need an iron to melt it smoothly over your snowboard. What makes the Burton Hotstick Iron different from the rest? It has international electrical compatibility (120V or 220V) so you can use it with plugs across the globe, a symmetrical design which accompanies left and right-handed riders, and a lightweight construction.

Buy now: $34.95

Dakine 10″ Scraper


You don’t want to forget a scraper on your trip. The Dakine 10″ Scraper will leave you prepared so you don’t have to search the forest for a piece of wood or test your patience with the blunt side of a knife. This scraper is extra wide — twice as wide as most — allowing you to scrape more surface at once and get the job done quicker. Definitely worth the $8.

Buy now: $8

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