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Mt. Bachelor is making it easier for parents to work and play at the resort no matter the season by offering year-round childcare for staff and visitors.

Previously, childcare wasn't available during shoulder seasons when resort operations were closed, but this new addition to the program ensures year-round staff don't have to scramble to figure out childcare during fall and spring.

Why is this so vital? Because working and living in mountain towns can be incredibly challenging—housing availability and expense, cost of living, and available childcare are just three factors that challenge the workforce at resorts. Any initiative that can help the local communities that make resorts run is a step in a positive direction.

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KBND, a local news radio station, reported that Mt. Bachelor president an CEO, John Merriman, commented that the change makes it easier on employees, something that is important to the resort.

"[Daycare is available] not only winter and summer season, when we’re operational, but also during the shoulder seasons when we are preparing for either winter or summer operations. It was really important for us to do it year-round. Because if you don’t then your employees get into a bit of a bind at certain parts during the year. And daycare in town is difficult to get and extremely expensive."

The resort expanded daycare operations to staff in the past year; previously it was available to guests. Offering the service to employees takes a lot of pressure of off parents.

On LinkedIn, Merriam added, "So proud of our team for making this happen. Daycare is a huge challenge for our employees with children. I am so proud of our team for providing consistent year-round daycare at affordable prices for employees and guests."

In a time when living and working in mountain towns is harder and harder logistically, resort initiatives that seek to make it more conducive to being able to work and live in the mountains can make a huge difference.