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Red Bull Landing Gear went down at Mt. Bachelor last week and over the past few days, the edits have been dropping on Instagram. Among the updates from the crew in Oregon was a photo of Cannon Cummins with a brand new sticker taking up some high quality real estate on the nose of his snowboard.

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Cannon, the Washington-groomed upstart known for an easy and inherent style as seen below...

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And in lines like this has been steadily on the rise the past few seasons.

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The volume around him has been way up as he has been on a tear as seen in videos with Vans, Volcom, Boardslide Worldwide, and of course, Sick Dawg Productions.

Cannon has snowboarding in his blood, as both of his parents are legendary, ripping riders (he may be the only person to share a pro model with his dad), but there's no nepotism here. Cannon's personal aesthetic in the mountains stands on its own and is only increasing in momentum.

Congrats to Cannon on joining the Red Bull team. The Austria-based brand has the sort of resources and investment that can add rocket fuel to a rider's aspirations and trajectory. But also, congrats to Red Bull for bringing on Cannon—he's a heck of an rider to have on the roster.