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If you're a snowboarding enthusiast who grew up in the 90s, there's a chance you remember these trading cards featuring your favorite pro riders. Recently, the popular snowboard podcast, Airtime, took a trip down memory lane by sharing a nostalgic throwback of some iconic trading cards from that era. These cards featured legendary pro snowboarders and provided rankings in various categories, making them cherished relics for fans. Among the featured riders were:

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- JP Walker

- Travis Parker

- Victoria Jealouse

- Jussi Oksanen

- Peter Line

- Romain De Marchi

- Craig Kelly

- Johan Olofsson

- Mike Michaelchuck (Accidentally referred to as American instead of Canadian)

- Igemar Backman

- Daniel Franck

- David Vincent

- Keir Dillon

- Tara Dakides

- Ross Powers

- Shaun Palmer

One of the unique features of these snowboard trading cards was the inclusion of rankings in various categories. While some of these rankings were certainly made up or unverifiable, they added an extra layer of fun and excitement to the cards. Here are some of the categories that the cards featured: Air, Speed, Style, Freestyle, Freeride and... "Extreme"

It's safe to say that these rankings were highly subjective and probably fueled many debates among snowboarding enthusiasts. Nevertheless, they contributed to the mystique of the cards and made them even more collectible.

While the snowboard trading cards from the 90s may have featured some wonky rankings and the occasional factual error, they remain a beloved part of snowboarding history. They serve as a reminder of the passion and excitement that defined that era of the sport. So, if you happen to stumble upon one of these vintage cards in your collection or come across them online, take a moment to appreciate the nostalgia they evoke and the legends they celebrate. Snowboarding has come a long way since then, but these trading cards will forever hold a special place in the hearts of fans.

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