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Professional snowboarder Brandon Cocard is a man of many talents. Not only has he been snowboarding at an elite level for years if not decades, but he also has been a part of several bands. Future Mystic, Hi Again, and now Boyfriend Sushi Town.

Boyfriend Sushi Town has been dominating the Salt Lake City music scene and since their new album just dropped on Spotify this week, they are having an album release show and party this weekend at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Formal dress is required! Their new album is called Player, and you can listen to it here.

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Snowboarding and music may seem like vastly different activities, but they share intriguing similarities in their creative processes. Both involve a fusion of artistry and technique. Snowboarders and musicians rely on an innate sense of rhythm and flow, harmonizing their movements with the environment or melody. In snowboarding, riders navigate the mountain's contours, improvising tricks and lines much like a musician composing a song. Timing, balance, and style are paramount. Just as musicians experiment with different chords and rhythms, snowboarders experiment with various techniques and maneuvers, seeking to create a unique expression. Ultimately, both disciplines demand a deep connection between creator and medium, emphasizing self-expression and creativity, making the mountains or stages their canvas for artistic innovation.

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