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Here’s my initial thoughts on this board a few months ago:…-thoughts.html I won’t expand in that thread anymore, so here’s my “full” review of the board. Specs: – Virus Avalanche FLP AFT 160 – Built for a 170 rider – Paired with Burton C60s for first 10 days, Burton Diodes for the next ten, Driver X boots for all testing – Very long effective edge (143 cm or so) – Long sidecut radius (I don’t have the spec, but it looks to be in the low teens) – Sintered race base with a fine diamond grind. Edges tuned at 0.5 deg base and 2 deg side from the factory – Flex: It is thinner than both of my Burtons (T7 and Custom), but the stiffness would be in the middle of the two.

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REVIEW: 2013 Virus Avalanche FLP AFT