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Oh the things we do for attention. Or thrills. It is hard to say exactly what this snowboarders motivation may have been to yeet herself off a moving chair lift into what appears to be only semi-deep snow.

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With the caption entitled, "I listened to the little voice in my head" in an English... I suppose we can only assume that she listened to the inner child inside that suggests to do things like push your friend into the water or throw a water balloon at a pedestrian. Things like that. So honestly, in that regard, run it up cleoppatre, let your inner child free. BUT there are certainly safer ways you could have listened to your inner child. I mean, you are on a chair lift going snowboarding, for gosh sake. That in itself it listening to some inner child because at least to me, when I am snowboarding, I feel the most young and alive. Message to our readers: we do not encourage this type of behavior. If she had gotten hurt with this stunt, ski patrol would have had to help her then our friend Cleoppatre would not have ended up having such a great day, or a great Instagram post.

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