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This post from a snowboarder who popped an avalanche is truly insane. While it is always good to spread awareness, what this man did was NOT SMART! In essence, the guy in this video was riding in the backcountry. At first it appears he is alone, but at the end of the video we see he was with at least one friend (very important - you always want to be with other people in the backcountry). They calculate that this face is going to slide with an avalanche, but they ride it anyway?! That is where you went wrong, buddy. Needless to say, the face slides, and since this guy had an exit strategy, he was safe. But he got lucky. Nature is unpredictable, and even if we have the most elaborate and informed exit strategy, nature will do what it wants. If this avalanche was just a little wider, his plan would have been no good and he would have gotten caught.

Point being, if you see something is going to go in the backcountry, DO NOT RIDE IT. I repeat. Do not ride it. Find something else.

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Also, it is very important to take an avalanche safety course before riding in the backcountry at all. Below are some resources on where to find these courses:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Be safe out there, people!

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