Snowboard Iskola

This snowboard contest happened at a castle. Yup, you heard that right, a castle. The DIYX street jam went down this past weekend in Innsbruck, Austria and a full video recap is yet to come out, but based off of what we saw on Instagram, there was certainly a lot of fire, drinking, snow, tricks, and debauchery. Check out some of the coolest photos from this event below.

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Snowboarding on a castle is a surreal fusion of medieval architecture and extreme sport. The towering turrets and majestic walls provide an exhilarating backdrop for daring descents and gravity-defying tricks. As riders carve through the snowy courtyards and navigate the castle's intricate features, the clash of tradition and modernity is palpable. The crisp winter air echoes with the sounds of boards slicing through snow, creating a harmonious blend of history and adrenaline. Snowboarders become modern-day knights, conquering the castle's slopes with skill and finesse, turning a historic fortress into an unconventional playground where the past and present collide in a thrilling spectacle of speed and style.

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