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Utah-based non-profit Save A Brain announced their first-ever scholarship program, offering funding for Concussions 101, a program created in partnership with the Mobility Duo.

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Save A Brain announced the scholarships on Friday, March 29th, saying:

"Our first scholarship application is officially live. We partnered with @mobilityduo to offer applicants access to their comprehensive Concussions 101 program created by them & @alekangeli_pt As part of our new Perseverance Program that funds treatment and recovery for those suffering from TBI, this is an 8 part series designed for those who have experienced a concussion and want to take control of their recovery. You will receive lifetime access to the digital program and no matter what stage of your recovery or education journey you are on, we are sure that you will find this an essential tool in navigating the complexity of concussions."

This is hugely exciting as TBI and concussion recovery is often very challenging; the experience is non-linear, and fraught with complexity. Concussion is considered an invisible injury, making recovery a hugely difficult process for the individuals experiencing the wide-ranging symptoms as well as family, friends, and caretakers wanting to provide help and support.

Save A Brain further explained:

"This scholarship is open to any and all applicants who have experienced concussions or head and neck injuries and to caregivers. The program was developed by health professionals who understand the depths and complexities of head injuries. In the eight part course, recipients of this scholarship will have lifetime access to in-depth education on how concussions affect everyday life and how to implement solutions to live a fulfilled life. The goal is to provide affordable health advocacy, clarity, and confidence"

Save A Brain's work to shine a light on the experience, treatment options and different modalities available, as well as working to make these treatments more accessible is huge.

We caught up with Save A Brain founder Kelsey Boyer to learn a little more about the partnership with Mobility Duo, the Concussions 101 scholarship, and the Save A Brain's newly announce Perseverance Program.

SNOWBOARDER: Launching scholarships to help people with their TBI and concussion recovery is a big accomplishment for Save A Brain and your continued work. What's the excitement level over at SAB headquarters?
Kelsey Boyer: A goal of ours when we launched Save A Brain was to financially support individuals in their recovery because the financial burden on an individual or family is massive so the excitement level is high! The process of implementing a program takes time and the cool thing about the Perseverance Program is that it can forever expand and grow to continue helping the community. We want to thank everyone who has supported us and continues to do so because it truly takes a village and this would not exist without the community!

How did working with Mobility Duo on the Concussions 101 program come about? That seems like a really great partnership.
Our friends over at Mobility Duo are so knowledgeable and have absolute hearts of gold so we have always wanted to make a greater impact together but weren't sure where to start. Mark & Sarah worked with one of their dear friends Dr. Alek Angeli who is a concussion & vestibular specialist to create the Concussion 101 program and it was the perfect place for Save A Brain to merge in. All of us collectively share the passion of wanting to help people live a fulfilled life so it was a no brainer.

One unique and awesome aspect of the Concussions 101 program is its accessibility for individuals navigating the complexities of the nuanced recovery of TBI and concussions. Why was this an important piece of the puzzle in creating this program?
Mobility Duo & Dr. Alek Angeli created this program as a virtual tool box that can help you with education, exercises and more on your recovery journey. Brain injuries are incredibly complex because all of them are different therefore trying to move forward with your recovery feels intimidating. This program is such a good opportunity because you can access it at home, it is affordable and you take your recovery in your hands by educating yourself and implementing the treatments. One thing that I love about it is that you can take the program and help educate those around you so you feel even more supported on your journey, that is a critical component for healing.

Lastly, the Concussions 101 scholarships are part of the new Save A Brain Perseverance Program. Can you tell us a little bit about that exciting new addition to your work?
As mentioned above, it was always a goal of ours to financially support individuals because not only is a brain injury such a burden on an individual but then you sprinkle in the looming cloud of money and that should never be the factor holding you back from living a fulfilled life. For example, one of our partnerships is with a clinic who changes lives every single day but the treatment is $10,000. Not only that but the brain scan itself is $3,500 which is a lot of money for someone who is suffering. Our goal is to one day be able to work with our partnered clinics and fully send individuals through treatment. Covering scholarships is just the beginning of this program and we cannot wait to continue expanding the Perseverance Program to save some brains!

Apply for the Concussions 101 scholarship from Save A Brain here. Applications for the scholarship are due April 11th.

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