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Hi guys, Hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming season! I am aiming to work a season at a resort in the US on a one year working visa. I am from Aus and like so many others have previously done a season at Whistler. At the moment it looks like the following resorts could be an option: *Vail, CO (terrain and backbowls sound amazing but crowded) *Park City/Canyons UT (I am a concerned about slightly lower snowfall than surrounding UT resorts – finding accom could be difficult) *Squaw or possibly Alpine Meadows, Cali *Mammoth, Cali (I read that mommoth snowfall does correlate negatively with La Nina which worries me a bit) I know there is a lot of info on the forums about each of these loations already but I was hoping to get some advice based on my circumstances

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Season in CO, UT or Cali – advice please!