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It is not news that Tony Hawk likes to go snowboarding. Some may even put him in under the illustrious umbrella of being a for real"snowboarder" (even though we all really know he is a skater, who says you can not be both though.) Tony Hawk even had a pro model snowboard with K2 Snowboards at one point. Check it out here.

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Snowboarding evolved from skateboarding's influence, also blending surf and ski techniques. It transformed from a backyard experiment to a global sport, shaping culture, fashion, and technology in winter sports, but it definitely stemmed from skateboarding, and some of the very first snowboarders were skateboarding. So it is heart-warming to see the ultimate skater Tony Hawk getting it out there on the slopes for a full circle moment.

If you do not know who Tony Hawk is somehow, let us tell you. He is a legendary skateboarder, entrepreneur, and philanthropist known for revolutionizing modern skateboarding. Born in California, Hawk began skating at a young age and quickly rose to fame for his skill and innovation. He popularized vert skateboarding and became the first skater to land a "900" at the X Games in 1999, solidifying his status as a pioneer in the sport. Beyond his athletic achievements, Hawk is also a successful entrepreneur, founding the skateboard company Birdhouse and creating the popular video game series "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater." He is also actively involved in charitable work, supporting various causes through his Tony Hawk Foundation.

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