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Protect Our Winters Switzerland recently drew attention to the concerning developments on the Theodul glacier in Zermatt, where extensive preparations for the Ski World Cup are underway. The stark contrast from last year, when the competition had to be canceled due to a scarcity of snow, is difficult to ignore. Yet, the measures being taken to ensure this year's event proceed are raising alarm bells.

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The sight of heavy machinery and shovels vigorously reshaping the glacier into a ski slope is disconcerting, especially given the current climate crisis. Glaciers worldwide have been rapidly receding, with a staggering 10% volume loss in just the past two years. This drastic transformation endangers fragile ecosystems and contributes to rising sea levels, posing an existential threat.

It is the opinion of POW Switzerland that In a time when environmental concerns are paramount, organizations like @fisalpine and the host tourist destinations must take responsibility. To maintain their credibility, they should set an example and demonstrate their commitment to tackling the challenges posed by climate change. It's imperative that we strike a balance between our passion for winter sports and the urgent need to protect our precious natural heritage.

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