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New to this forum, but I ve found a lot of good info, searched regarding my question but didnt find all the answers sp here goes” Im pretty set on picking up an SL-R for the up coming season, I want a playful all-mountain board that can pretty much tackle anything on the mountain with natural hits and drops and go quite fast on groomers, with no real requirements in the park although I would like to learn some ground tricks in the future. Im 188cm (6’2″), 85 kg (190lbs), My setup will be: Salomon Relay series bindings with Salomon Dialogue US 10.5 Boots My riding can be described as: Advanced All mountain 35% powder trees, 35% groomers generally at high speed playing off hits, 20% open powder bowls preferably steeper, 10% beginner park riding just to play around I will like to learn some ground tricks in the future for which my current board is too stiff and just unplayful (2005 162 k2 access wide) Ive been recommended to get 158 by a shop salesman (who didnt stock your boards) mentioning that the board will still be quite stable at 158, however coming of a 2005 161 k2 access wide and relative to my size I am a bit concerned that it will be a bit too unstable at speed on groomers as well as fast powder bowls especially when it gets steep.

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SL-R 158 or 161?