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Hi, So for the first time in about 10 years i upgraded my goggles from a cheapo pair of Bolle’s to the Smith I/OX with Blue Sensor Mirror and Green Sol-X lens options. This came after much deliberation, trying on the Dragon APX’s the EG2’s and the Oakley Canopy’s, I really liked both the I/OX and the Canopy but the I/OX was quite a lot cheaper and came with 2 lenses which won it for me. There are a fair few aspects to cover here so I am going to keep them brief and segment it in to: Fit – Fogging – Peripheral Vision – Durability – Lens Tints – Lens Changing Fit Firstly as a man with an XL noggin these things a amazingly comfy on my head, no pressure marks after a full day of wearing from 8am till 5pm nonstop, did not have to take them off once, the foam is comfy, great at wicking but if they oversized the last layer of foam, the one that touches your face, it may improve the comfort as occasionally i felt the 2nd layer itching me slightly around the very edges of the goggle as it is coarser to aid wicking.

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Smith I/OX Review + Lens tints review