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Taylor Elliott. If you have not heard of her, we are sure you have at least seen her on Instagram. Especially after this year's Uninvited Invitational. 

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Tay was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a condition that happens when the immune system attacks the brain and spinal cord, shortly after last year's Uninvited Invitational. Last year, she was just as spectacular as this year, if not more so. Taylor had been dealing with some symptoms that only allowed her partial ability to see, and she still hand planted the heck out of the dumpster thing that was part of last years set up.

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A post shared by Taylor Elliott (@yung_taytay)

Taylor has been vocal about her experience with multiple sclerosis on Instagram, in person, and on her podcast episode with The Bomb Hole, so when she showed up to the Uninvited this year and won best trick from Day Two, it had a good portion of the crowd close to tears, if not fully crying. Of happiness, that is. And pride and inspiration for their friend.

The best thing about Taylor is that she is truly a wonderful human with a wonderful heart and if you get the chance to cross paths with her, take some time to have a chat, it'll make your day better.

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